Peonies chch?

gordo20, Feb 27, 12:45am
Hi I was just wondering if anyone knew of somewhere in chch that sells bulk peonies atm? Tia

robyn35, Feb 27, 2:35am
think they are finished arent they, places were selling them a couple of months ago

shakirafan, Feb 27, 2:46am
Been over for a while.

mousiemousie, Mar 1, 5:40pm
They are out of season now.

astrophe, Mar 1, 7:00pm
'Scuse my ignorance, but I've only ever seen it written down. How do you pronounce peonies? pee-oh-nees?

-weasel-, Mar 1, 8:16pm
Last week I bought an 8pk for $2.69 at.Barrington Oderings. Plenty were left

brightlights60, Mar 3, 8:39am
Yes, have a friend who pronounces them "pennys" which annoys the crap out of me.

jcmp21, Mar 3, 9:14am
I heard they're quite expensive on their own before considering buying in bulk. Then there's the grazing and saddles etc to consider. Probably better to take up a cheaper hobby like gardening or something

phaedra8, Jan 9, 10:10am
very clever. like :-)

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