EQC Skope - Question re damage

dams, Jul 29, 1:04am
Can anyone tell me whether this damage listed on a skope is significant or not please.
Piles - floor has moved less than 100mm
Ring Foundation - Foundation settlement
Slab foundation - slab has moved greater than 25mm over 6m

corkranb, Jul 29, 5:09am
I would say significant. The new guidelines is 30mm over 6m. Do you know exactly how much the slab has settled and over what distance. Concrete slabs are not very easily levelled and compaction grouting that was one option seems to have lost favour as a repair mythology. Also depends a lot of your ground and what it's bearing capacity is.

david_270, Jul 29, 5:51am
Look at the MBIE guidelines, and updates, but be aware that they are just that, and may not be adequate repair against your insurance policy.
Also be aware that EQC routinely inadequately scope damage, but that it is up to claimants to prove their house damage. Do not trust EQC and Fletchers.

mm12345, Jul 29, 6:04am
What's the house - piles with a ring foundation, or slab on grade - or is it an old house on piles with a later extension which was slab on grade?

Piles can often be fixed relatively easily, re-leveling a slab not so easily, 25mm movement (if it's lateral spread) over a cracked slab foundation is possibly terminal - or new foundation required.

dams, Oct 24, 2:26pm
The original part of the house has a ring foundation with piles. There has been a later extension which is slab on grade. It doesn't state on the EQC skope if it's lateral spread, just says slab foundation - slab has moved greater than 25mm over 6m.

Is it possible this would not affect the house? The house has been significantly renovated recently and now on the market unfinished.

Trying to get to the bottom of this situation with what limited information has been made available.

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