Gas hot water ?

kay.rex, Jun 16, 8:44pm
our hot water cylinder is pretty much stuffed so we need to replace we have been steering towards gas looking for recommendations for gas installers and wondered if any of them dealt with finance aswell

ryanm2, Jun 17, 8:08am
We used No Bull Gas & Plumbing when we got rid of our cylinder and they did a good job. No idea about finance though.

funho1, Jun 17, 8:28am
Gas is cheap to install & expensive to run - but you won't find that out until you have installed.
And gas has less ability to provide for multiple bathrooms and/or other users at once without someone having a shower suddenly enjoying a bracing cold burst.

ryanm2, Jun 17, 7:07pm
Gas is certainly cheaper to run than having a hot water cylinder. If they have to potentially replace their cylinder its a no brainer.

loose.unit8, Jun 17, 7:42pm
Unless you've got a hot water cylinder heated by a hot water heat pump or solar in which case they are far cheaper to run than gas or just resistive electric

jonners2013, Jun 17, 8:25pm
the only reason that would be happening is because you've installed the wrong unit for your usage. there are gas water heaters that are very capable of providing hot water to multiple bathrooms at once.

brightlights60, Jun 18, 9:32am
Mrs B here. We are just about to take out our less than 2 year old very large hot water cylinder and swap to instant gas hot water. We had a storage gas system at our last house, but similar in cost to electricity as you have to heat the stored water. With this one you are only heating what you use. We have bought the unit from the wholesalers (plumbers) through a plumber and will pay to have it installed.

gpg58, Jun 18, 10:17am
A few have told me that gas is cheaper for low to moderate users, but for a house full of teenages taking long showers, power works out better.
But ideally a new storage cylinder with a heat pump system is probably cheapest to run, but the payback period from savings may be long unless a high user.
Personally i as a single occupier, changed to gas 8 years ago when i got rid of the open fire and wetback, and find it cheap to run for just me, only 2-3 45kgs / year, and dialing up a temp to suit is magic, as is the bath fill controller.
But definitely get quotes, i installed all but the gas kit myself, and the local rip off plumbers still hit me for 1 grand to connect!

jane310567, Jun 18, 10:25am
love gas - works out cheap for us. Often have 2 showers going and isn't an issue - our unit can cope with this tho as we built new. $93 for cylinders around 6-10 weeks depends on season - 2 adults, 2 teens.

kam04, Jun 20, 3:33am
Gas hot water = no power - not hot water

ryanm2, Jun 20, 4:24am
thats incorrect - a lot now are battery powered.

janbodean, Jun 20, 4:38am
Don't know about that. I have had it in a two bathroom house and have found it absolutely brilliant and less expensive to run than electrical systems.

astrophe, Jun 20, 7:05am
Been there, done that, would never do it again. Stick to a HWC.

jessie981, Jun 20, 7:59am
Gas heating works without power.

jonners2013, Jun 20, 8:14am
some work, most don't.

jessie981, Jun 20, 8:34am
Yep, was meaning ours does not sure on other brands.

astrophe, Jun 20, 11:08pm
Mine doesn't. The gas controller is electrically powered.

gutlux, Jun 21, 6:06am
we pay $125 for out gas cylinder, but not worth us changing gas company as we prepaid the cylinder hire years ago so if we changed companies we would then have cheaper gas bottles but have to pay around $100 per year for the hire, so would work out about the same.

blackcats13, Jun 21, 7:29am
I got mine thru Placemakers, unit cost about $1400, and they arranged install which was similar price , maybe a little less, I get gas bottles thru Nova, they are only $86 a bottle , and they did me a deal and gave me 2 free bottles when I signed up which made up for the swapping over for the annual bottle hire fee, I got some of that refunded from previous supplier, so don't let that deter you from finding a better deal with another provider , the cost you save per bottle sure makes up for it. Mine doesn't work when power is out, but outside of quakes, that's happened once since I had them, for 2 days in duration, and we were fine ( good emergency kit & heated water to wash )

dottyone1, Apr 11, 2:35pm
We had a backpackers in Christchurch and had gas installed . instant hot water, Accommodated thirty two people and had 6 showers two kitchens and 6 gas rings. was instant heat for stove rings. depends on how you want to use it. your water and cooking . Gas is much quicker and instant heat.

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