Not many aftershocks

roxykittykat, Apr 27, 6:10am
I have noticed there are very few aftershocks from the Kaikoura quake.
Isn't this unusual?

jessebird, Apr 27, 11:23am
Don,t want any either.

schnauzer11, Apr 27, 11:41am
Nothing is 'Usual' when it's about earthquakes.

william1980, Apr 27, 12:50pm

addington261, Apr 28, 12:13am
This part of the above article is a bit scary
'We have the Pacific Plate diving under the North Island under the Australian Plate, and this quake happened pretty much at the southernmost part of that Pacific Plate's subduction.'

drcjp, Apr 28, 12:17am
Not for a quake as deep as that one (50km). They don't tend to have as many as shallower ones, apparently.

100peaks, Dec 5, 8:41pm
Oh, interesting. I was just thinking it was unusual we'd not had a larger one.

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