FOUND rabbit, woodham/kerrs road

i have to go out for couple of hours, but crikey, i just found lovely rabbit in my back yard, have put it into safe back bedroom for now.

can anybody pls help checking other pet lost threads, and i will check out neighbours this evening when i get back.

lambrat, Jul 27, 2:34 pm

Lost animals just gravitate towards your place don't they :)

supersapper, Jul 27, 2:35 pm

maybe because i'm so close to the roundabout, although that giant mastiff last week crossed woodham road at the troundabout to get here.

phew, the very cute rabbit just got picked up, and an 8yr old boy is not shattered any more :)

lambrat, Jul 27, 6:15 pm

That didn't take as long as the Mobil rabbit. Bet you are relieved,.

cosimo, Jul 27, 6:23 pm

lol, not sure what the mobil rabbit is, but yes very relieved, i have two cats. it gave me a magic moment too, when i first approached it and said hello to it, it looked at me, so i said it again and it ran toward me and let me pick it up. brilliant!

lambrat, Jul 27, 8:19 pm

Ah, you don't watch the TV ads then. I have just thought - it might be BP. Shows how much notice I take of who the advertiser is.

cosimo, Jul 27, 8:22 pm

Lol, I was thinking the same thing.

zoopa, Nov 4, 3:45 am

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