Massive Police Presence Aldwins Rd

lyttelton2, Aug 19, 5:53am
Not sure what's happened, but most of Aldwins Rd closed between Linwood Ave and approx Linwood College, with police at every intersection, emergency tape around street lights and several Ambulances, a fire engine and emergency response cars. Nothing on Stuff, but traffic is starting to bank up.

melp6, Aug 19, 5:54am
House Fire.

One person taken to hospital with burns

lyttelton2, Aug 19, 5:59am
Thanks melp6, funny how NZ Herald has it and local Stuff doesn't yet. Best wishes to anyone involved.

jcmp21, Aug 19, 10:20am
Car discovered with no warrant.

jamie2016, Aug 19, 10:45am
O.M.G! thats terrible especially if it involves any children

kletis1, Aug 8, 3:26pm
No no no. thats tomorrow silly.Take a ride over there on Wednesday and check out all the cops pulling people over.It's always Wednesday

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