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We are not happy with what EQC are offering us for the repairs to the outside of our house. We have been backwards and forwards getting all the reports etc etc they ask for (at our cost) and they still don't get it. Their last response was file a complaint and they would look at it, this took another 6 months for nothing to change. They said they would send us a cheque we said don't bother we are not accepting your offer. Cheeky pxxxxx sent the cheque directly to our bank, fortunately they contacted us and we told them to send it right back. Can anyone advise where we could go to next to help us with this. Thanks

brooke26, Aug 5, 2:48 am

try RAS, they should be able to help you, not sure how long the wait times are for their service now though

robyn35, Aug 5, 2:49 am

Try a lawyer. Linwood Law are pretty good. They are taking the P.ss

gillian25, Aug 5, 9:57 am

Thanks will try RAS and then Lawyer, don't want to use up what is owed in Lawyers Fees but may have to for satisfaction.

brooke26, Aug 5, 9:14 pm

Sounds like good advise, we are in the same predicament.

cone1, Aug 13, 6:31 am

EQC are trying to cash everyone out before Fletchers close up in october, that way they don't get trapped in to contracts where they have to finish things on time. Everyone who had EQC or Fletchers work done on their house is going to be looking at YEARS of lawsuits coming. Foundations done without any council permits especially. John Key keeps saying that the chch rebuild is winding down because Fletchers is shutting up shop so there will be no one to claim warranty's against or a business to claim against as they won't be there. Funny that with Fletchers being an government owned enterprise.

I feel sorry for any home owner who has had ANY work done by EQC and Fletchers, you've all been ripped off!

subs1, Aug 31, 3:25 pm

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