Bad mains valve

The mains valve to my house is getting pretty dodgy, when I turn it off to do some plumbing repairs it is pretty much impossible to get it to open again. Last time I had to fix some corroded seats and replace washers in some taps I didn't think I was going to be able to get any water on again! The valve handle just keeps turning perpetually without opening the valve. Fortunately I was just able to get it to work but I doubt it would open again.

Would the council replace something like that? I think they own it don't they?

tygertung, Jun 17, 10:01 am

yes they will fix it

stickman4u, Jun 17, 10:03 am

Absolutely they will. just ring up the main Council number and they will lodge a "CSR" (customer service request) which will go off to City Care. Usually within 2 or 3 days a bloke will come and rewasher / respindle the stopcock as needed.

thebuzzyone, May 14, 3:26 pm

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