Building time ?

Just wondering how long would be an average time to finish a small house once it is to weather proof stage?

devine-spark, Aug 8, 2:59 am

A couple of days for plumbing and electrical.
Day for the batts
4 Days for gib
Week for stopper
A couple of days for skirting and arcs and doors.
Week for painters
A couple of days for carpet and vynal
day for kitchen
A day for plumber and electrician to fit out.
A day for builders to fit hardware shelves slats etc.
And an extra month for delays.

survivalkiwi, Aug 8, 4:21 am

Thanks oremma and survival kiwi. Yes, see the cynicism, or is that realism with the extra month?

devine-spark, Aug 8, 4:31 pm

You will need extra time an extra month is probably a bit much but time does fly away. I am a builder and am in the process of building a new house for my self (part time) and time does get lost

survivalkiwi, Aug 8, 8:03 pm