Update on Thursday dog attack 3 x Staffy types

devine-spark, Oct 3, 7:27pm
On Thursday afternoon just after 4pm three dogs that would seem to be a Staffordshire type (will post a pic) attacked a greyhound that was with two young children and their carer. The carer was focused on getting the children away and her description of the dogs initially was a pit bull type but it would seem now to be staffy. There were 3 of them, 2 brindle and 1 dark Black/brown. They got our girl very quickly and at one stage she had all three on top of her and it was only good luck she got to her feet. She took off and managed to outrun them, travelling about 2km before hiding, terrified. The attack was at a little park on the edge of the Estuary at Ferrymead, where people watch the kite surfers. The park that has a little patch of grass and a few car parks is next to a bigger area where the Staffy owners were further east of it. When the greyhound took off she went towards Ferrymead historic park and ran under the bridge eventually being found on wasteland behind Settlers Crescent.
The owners of the attacking dogs were a woman with mousey brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, skinny and short (about 5'1" - 5'2") and with a nasty potty mouth. One tall, well built Maori man, who was also aggressive, and another olive skinned man, who was the nicest of the bunch and he tried to capture the 3 dogs but they took off chasing the greyhound and would not stop.

devine-spark, Oct 3, 7:28pm
They drove some sort of older model Nissan or Toyota sedan that was knocked about, possibly a 1992ish vintage. Others were around but the witnesses also missed the rego. Our friend was desperately trying to protect the children from seeing the dog attack, and also from hearing the language of the owners, so her description is a bit blurred. She was very upset to have the dog in her charge attacked too.
$1200 worth of surgery later, our girl is now on the mend physically, very sore and wrapped in bandages. She is a cheerful soul though and although obviously traumatised, is enjoying being fed bits of chicken with her tablets in them. She is starting to heal physically but she is very shaken. We would very much like to track down these dangerous dogs and make sure that no other attacks can happen. These people should not own dogs.
Any help would be very much appreciated.

devine-spark, Feb 26, 1:18pm

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