Building with Mike Greer

bunny2121, Apr 27, 5:59am
We are also looking at using Mike Greer on our new house. The show home quality seems better than most of the rest.
But wondering do they stick to the budget or are there over runs. Also how is there speed. I've read they have lots of delays due to taking on to much work.

ghostdog1, May 1, 7:44am
we built with Mike Greers EQ rebuild and we were pleasantly surprised by them , sure it took them abit longer than we expected 4 weeks but given the issues with consent etc. it was to be expected
No real major issues and all staff and subbies were top blokes ps.shouting morning tea works wonders

astrophe, Oct 26, 1:30am
The Stonewood thread isn't going well. What's people's experiences with Mike Greer?

smf6661, Oct 26, 4:27am
Yes I would Like to know to as they are rebuilding our place as we didnt get to pick the builder SR did as they said they were the only ones who would build a double set of units.

imagine4ever, Oct 26, 5:48am
That is not correct. Other places also build double units or units on leasehold land, ie two flats. anyone had any experiences with David Reid Homes?

david_270, Oct 26, 7:28am
A couple of recent reviews on MG's FB page. On the left under reviews.
Theres also:
Generally the big group home builders seem to be struggling. Overpromise & under deliver, but IC's seem determined to push them on to people.
It took MG nearly 18 months to build our neighbours house - often not on site for many days. At the same time MG had builders busy on spec houses.

rachjase, Oct 26, 7:44am
We are building with Mike Greer in North Canterbury and its going really well . 8 weeks since we started and bricks on and gib ready to go up this week - they have been very accommodating and our project manager has been great to deal with, good communication.

pommie777, Oct 27, 5:36am
We built with MG North Canterbury last year. No complaints at all from us. 16 weeks from consent issued until we moved in and we are very happy with the quality. Our project manager and builder were fantastic. We were just a 'normal' build though (not an EQ rebuild), which possibly made things more straightforward for us. The only issue we've had was our 'lawn' (weed patch), which MG have been sorting out for us and it's going to be relaid shortly.

astrophe, Dec 4, 2:40pm
Sounds less risky than Stonewood then! :)

Thanks for replies.

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