WOODBURNERS- How long should you expect Airtube,

hadhamfamily, Jul 24, 7:05am
I purchased a Woodsman ECR Mk3 in May 2012. The Airtube, top Baffle and fire bricks have all disintegrated over the past two weeks and urgently need replacing as I can't control the heat (burns through logs as if they are paper.) I have spoken to the retailer who told me that they are "consumables" and it is my cost.! How long would you expect these parts to perform ,given that the expected life of a woodburner is around 15 years?

two9s, Jul 24, 7:43am
I have a lady contessa 24 Kw fire and the airtube burned out at the 4 year mark. Fire runs 24/7 for 7 months of the year. Fire bricks started falling to pieces at the three year mark, especially the top ones as they get sconed when you put big bits of wood in. So yes, consumable.

martin11, Jul 25, 5:01am
We have a house with one of these units and the rear air tube did not last very long , every 18 months or so we replaced it . Glad we have now sold that home .

golfaholic2, Jul 25, 5:19am
If an air pipe is crapping out that fast it must be poor quality steel .

Refractory (fire) bricks should last for the life of the burner , tho if the top baffle is brick , it could be prone to damage .

IMO the Woodsman sounds like a POS .

hadhamfamily, Jul 25, 7:16am
Top baffle is steel (with a very large slump in it) Spoke to Harris's ( manufacturer ) today They still claim that normal for most parts to need replacing about every 3 - 4 years , because of extreme temperatures reached. Got nowhere quoting Consumer Guarantee. Think I will do a bit more homework before I buy the parts. Airtube alone is $50.but apparently this little old grey haired lady can replace it easily!

bergkamp, Jul 25, 9:19am
a POS ?

i have to replace my yunca weg at the end of 2016 , i am thinking of a woodsman terras , do you have an opinion on this ?

pezarointeriors, Nov 11, 3:26pm
Hadhamfamily the Woodsman uses Scamalex, which will not last the lifetime of your fire. They are most definitely a consumable. Scamalex allows a fire to heat up quicker but is softer than a firebrick.

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