Cake shops. ( gateau) any good places?

shakirafan, Apr 7, 7:58am
Divine Cakes, Just Desserts.

-weasel-, Apr 7, 8:00am
Piece of cake on Riccarton rd

jamesnmatt, Apr 7, 8:06am
used to get AMAZING ones from Copenhagen Cakes when they were on Armagh St, not sure if they still do them now they have moved though. OMG they were LUSH!

geoone, Apr 7, 8:50am
Yagahi patisserie at church corner has beautiful and delicious cakes, gateaux, tarts etc.

fendalton22, Apr 7, 9:38am
Copenhagen Bakery on Harewood Road just past Bishopdale shops still make delicious cakes

tomber, Apr 7, 10:00am
I second this!

briantamaki-god, Apr 8, 1:30am
naked baker the caramello one is awesome

gaspodetwd, Apr 8, 2:51am
Just desserts.

jessebird, Apr 8, 3:35am
Yum love the Baileys.

odfrj, Dec 16, 9:52pm
Omg Yes. Copenhagen Bakery so yum and delish!

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