Akaroa boat ramps

Going to take the boat out to Akaroa on Monday, I see there is several boat ramps, are they all public? and any idea of the fees? Cheers

jojo76, Oct 3, 9:56 pm

The main one by the sports ground gets unusable at low tides and the one in the town is steep ,you need a 4wd for that one , sorry cannot remember the charges

martin11, Oct 4, 1:35 pm

The main one by the sports ground fee is $5.00. Beware of southerly wind - if it starts to change, get back in an out of the water quick. We use that ramp often an as advised above it's tidal (read tide chart).

log62, Oct 5, 10:58 am

Yes we are over there a lot in the Summer. Check the tides as only usable at high tide, and it gets very congested in summer with all the holiday makers. Plus the added disadvantage of all the flippin freedom campers who use that carpark to "camp" overnight, blocking access to the boat ramp. Got very confrontational in the last couple of years.

brightlights60, Feb 21, 2:12 am

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