Large 7.7 EQ in Nepal

queensharon1, Apr 26, 8:46am

queensharon1, Apr 26, 8:47am
Poor people.It looks awful.

addington261, Apr 26, 11:03am
Now a 7.9 and only 2k's deep. Over 449 people dead so far. Plus there has been a huge avalanche on Everest and people killed at the base camp. Not known about climbers.
Earthquake in Nepal upgraded by USGS to 7.9 magnitude, 2km deep, casualties taken to hospital - USGS, @AP

lambrat, Apr 26, 11:45am
sounds massive, imagine the aftershocks, i read somewhere their first one was a 6.6, omg.

coverdrive, Apr 26, 12:52pm

lambrat, Apr 26, 12:56pm

jonners2013, Apr 26, 7:38pm
Horrible. The infrastructure in Nepal is often so poorly put together, it's hard for me to see the toll not being significantly higher. Fingers crossed for everyone there.

catlover7, Apr 27, 11:51am
Was it only 2 kms deep or has it changed since then ?

dreamingofbali, Apr 27, 12:08pm
Now reported as 11 kms deep, 7.8

jonners2013, Apr 27, 8:52pm
CNN now reporting 2500 dead. There will be many many more, sadly. Thoughts go out to the nicest people on the planet.

catlover7, Apr 28, 12:26pm
I was thinking watching the videos it was a violent shake . Kathmandu was 80 kms from the epicentre . We are only about 100 kms from the Alpine fault which is expected to have about a 8 plug magnitude eq so are we to expect worse shaking that what they have experienced ?

tony9, Apr 29, 4:24am
No it has been confirmed several times that the Alpine fault will not produce the same direst impact on Christchurch as the Canterbury quakes.

But the impact on South Island infrastructure, particularly power, could be much greater.

catlover7, Dec 5, 12:04pm
I wasn't saying that it be the same as the Canterbury faults I'm talking about the distance from katmandu and the epi centre is similar to here and the alpine .

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