Where to buy section?

devine-spark, Aug 8, 5:41pm
I don't want to be in one of those big subdivisions, and would like a site with a nice view. Want to build a good quality home so section would have to be in a good area for resale.
Thinking of the North West of ChCh or out towards Prebbleton, Lincoln, Halswell. I would like to be reasonably handy to a library, shops etc as we are not in our youth. Looking for about 800m and like to have some trees. Any ideas?

intheoneone, Aug 14, 9:13am

issymae, Aug 27, 2:45pm
Rolleston- has a library, warehouse,2 supermarkets, doctors, dentists and plenty of other shops, cafes etc, clubs and group activities too- all age groups, friendly people

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