Renting a house with expired logburner

stevie1, Mar 2, 7:56am
My inlaws are renting a house managed by harcourts, I was around there today to discover that theirs expired 2009. So really the landlords should be installing a heatpump or renewing it yes?

deerhurst, Mar 2, 8:10am
If it wasn't in the ad for the property or on the tenancy agreement then I don't think so.

stevie1, Mar 2, 8:52am
It's the main source of heating, if not they will just have to use it

golfaholic2, Mar 2, 4:35pm
I'd be hounding the LL .
But would use the burner anyways , unless it smokes badly .

You wont be fined , not for some time yet . and I suspect that once the air plan is changed , ECan will still give a few warnings before handing out fines

ttaotua1, Mar 2, 6:38pm
We have an expired fire place and a heat pump installed not long ago. The guy said the fp will be removed at some stage but until it does, we will use it.

laspaz, Mar 2, 6:46pm
I didn't know they expired, what is the lifespan before they do? Or is it an inspection type of thing?

ttaotua1, Mar 2, 7:57pm
We did know for some time our fp would need to removed after a temporary chimney was put up after the earthquake. We were told first by someone who last cleaned it.

zoopa, Mar 2, 9:28pm

secretagent_cat, Mar 4, 6:16am
We have an expired fireplace and I refuse to use it as your insurance won't cover if you burn the house down. I'm told if there is a power cut then insurance does cover it, however the landlord may want to check that with their specific insurance. If no one knows it's expired then I guess you won't get fined from ecan if no one finds out, just hope it doesn't smoke and drive someone to complain I guess!
Is there any other heating in the house?

golfaholic2, Jan 9, 7:54am
Your insurance policy determines whats covered blah blah . not ECans rules .
If ECan change the rules , and they are about to do , does that mean your insurance policy has changed ? no!.
If the fire is in disrepair , and negligently using the fire causes loss , then you may not be covered . the age of the burner means squat . it could be 18mnths old and the last tenant filled it with coal and warped the firebox so bad smoke fills the room whenever it's lit . that would be painfully obvious , and may cause your insurer to decline a claim .
ECan love to bluff us with threats . the insurance angle is a classic example .
David Bedford ranting on the radio that ECan will fine you is another .
The thermal imaging was a con . ECan concentrated around the air quality monitors to try to gain traction .
Until the air plan changed , nobody will fined . nobody ever has been

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