After signing a contract with insurance company

onzy, Feb 3, 8:20pm
and building firm for a rebuild, can you later down the track change your mind and take the cash payout ?
A family member has signed the contract for a rebuild but the plans for consent have yet to be lodged with the council nearly 8 months after signing the contract.
It is all to do with the foundation type as tc3 land and decsion still to be made as to the best type of foundation.
If he is able to pull out of the contract, is he entitled to the cost of the foundation on top of the house rebuild cost?
He is quite elderly and didn't expect things to drag on this long.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

tigger250, Feb 3, 8:22pm
Wouldn't the first step be to contact the insurance co., then you would know what their position is. Good luck

onzy, Jan 30, 2:06am
My concern with that is, the insurance co may delay things even further if they think he may be interested in cashing out .
Just wanted to know if he is entitled to the foundation cost as well as rebuild cost and how much would be deducted as insurance co would have had to pay building firm for their work so far.

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