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sarahh2011, May 12, 10:13am
What's your favourite sushi shop in Chch

lil_tarnz, May 12, 10:32am
sushi from kinji on greys road

soft shell crab especially nom nom nom

or hachi hachi crispy chicken

shakirafan, May 12, 9:26pm
Koi Sushi and Gallery, Marshlands Rd.

feever, May 13, 1:41am
The one in the Colombo is doing teriyaki chicken in a rice ball deep-fried! So not healthy, so good!

slimgym, May 13, 9:58pm
I like the one in colombo street that does hot crunchy chicken in a rice ball
but still like sushi express

dudekrulz, May 14, 6:00am
Rice Ball = Arin Sushi on Riccarton Road. Piping hot rice and decent filling and their 'small' is rather big! No other rice ball coma pres to them. really.

Quality wise, Mr. Sushi.

doggybear, May 14, 10:09am
Sushi Time in South City and Eastgate!

survivalkiwi, May 14, 6:46pm
Are there any Sushi trains in Christchurch. Use to go to Blue Fish in the square everytime we visited the inlaws. Son who does not like sushi use to eat their desserts.

slimgym, May 14, 7:09pm
I think they was before the eq, use to be in the place where the tram station was off worester street

bosch2006, May 16, 5:06am
I make my own.

sarahh2011, May 23, 10:41am
Thanks for all the there a sushi train in CHCh?

bosch2006, May 23, 10:57am
I thought riceballs were ment to be cold

ryanm2, May 23, 8:29pm
Yes there is - Kumo on Lincoln Road. Check out there facebook page.

porsh_a, May 23, 10:50pm
Koi Sushi and Gallery (Marshland Road - in the block of shops in front of The Garden Hotel) - you can choose individual flavours yourself, and they also have special vegetarian nights for those who want a great range of vegetarian options.

I also love Sushi Time at Eastgate and South City.

sarahh2011, May 23, 11:07pm
Thanks for that. I found them on Facebook

foamyone, May 24, 3:46am
Yep - Sushi Time is the only one I go to.

It's about 8887 times better than any of the others.

melcraig, May 24, 7:11am
Oh yay! I'd love to take my son to one.

1973cb, May 24, 7:15am
marshlands rd sushi in new shopping block,and japanese sushi place wairaki rd yum yum

ryanm2, May 24, 8:51am
I had a bad rice ball there - now i just aim for the sushi of the day from st pierres, heck, its only $5.40 for 8 pieces.

jae.p, Jun 3, 3:47am
The sushi cafe on Colombo street hands down! Will travel to have one of their brown rice balls yum!

thebuzzyone, Jun 3, 5:30am
I like Maki Mono in Westfield Mall Riccarton for rice balls.
St Pierre's is pretty decent for all other.

jane310567, Jun 3, 5:38am
scuse my ignorance but how does sushi train work? Do you pay for all the dishes you take or is it an all you can eat price?

metaller, Jun 4, 6:07am
places like Tomi or Sarasara must be the best places in chch for sushi

ryanm2, Jun 4, 7:53am
you pay for what you eat - you keep the plates as you eat. Different colour plates denote different amount of $. Im yet to do a local sushi train , in Japan the prices in nzd range from $1 to $4 per plate. Im guessing it will be a lot more locally.

shakirafan, Jun 4, 8:21am
Mmmmm Tomi. I love that place.

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