Wedding celeabrant. Any good ones to recommend

maddsno, Sep 22, 5:46am
That are a cheapest rate we just having a small geathering type wedding not wanting to pay heaps whos a good but funny and cheap one to have

firebirds, Sep 22, 6:07am
I can recommend Helen Chappell she is the loveliest person. google marriage celebrants Christchurch and you will find her

crash01, Sep 22, 6:26am
Sharon Russell Christchurch and she sings aswell look her up on net

mss2006, Sep 22, 7:50am
Jeff Trotter - You can contact him at Saxon Appliances. He is a VERY experienced Toast Master and well spoken. More than happy with his work at our wedding!

tennisfanz, Sep 22, 2:26pm
Julie Batstone is just lovely!

kane56, Sep 23, 3:17am
Gillan Smith is lovely

craftylady1, Sep 23, 4:15am
I would definitely 2nd Gillian

glennf1, Sep 24, 2:44am

honest-reliable, Sep 24, 4:32am
Hilary Muir

pozzie-nz, Sep 24, 7:39am
Keith Eleftheriou - Marriage Celebrant comes with a harley :-)

shakirafan, Sep 24, 10:51pm
This guy works in the same office as I do, he's very nice and quite funny, David Adams, not sure how much he charges:

chchgurl, Sep 25, 9:57pm
Sean Joyce

david_270, Sep 27, 4:19am
The OP wants a cheapie.

wahinetoa62, Sep 27, 5:43am - Jill is wonderful and will ensure you have the wedding of your dreams

gaspodetwd, Sep 27, 5:45am
I agree that Jill is lovely!

bugsy23, Sep 27, 6:53am
There's no sense in going for a cheap celebrant ,you'll remember this day for the rest of your life . Much better to go for a good celebrant rather than a cheap celebrant You have some great recommendations on this page

chchgurl, Sep 28, 12:21am
We didn't find him overly expensive, as we had such a small simple ceremony, he gave us a cheaper rate.

sccmnz, Sep 28, 4:25am
Julie lassen

david_270, Mar 19, 3:31pm

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