* DOMINOS RANGIORA - Food Hygiene 101?

I usually extol the virtues of the latest addition to the takeaway options in Rangiora, but since sitting watching the Domino's staff for the last 10 minutes, I am no longer so sure.

What sort of training regime is (not) in place when I repeatedly watched more than one staff member lifting their caps and scratching their scalps over food service areas, and wiping their hands across their faces or scratching their faces. No gloves, either

Have standards for food hygiene dropped across the board in the franchise fast food chains, or is this an exceptionally poorly trained crew?

mikechch, Aug 2, 7:23 pm

first clue - you are in a franchised pizza store, that touts the value pizza at $4.99 - you don't get good hygiene and quality food for sub$5 LOL

jamesnmatt, Aug 2, 7:54 pm

OK . thanks for your observations . don't buy the stuff that often ,,,but hell, that is unacceptable.
What have you done about it? There must be some one you can call to check it out?

samanya, Aug 2, 8:44 pm

it doesant matter if the pizzas are 10 cents each . food hygiene standards should not be related to how expensive the food is

bergkamp, Aug 2, 9:41 pm

Have personally seen the face scratch that aggrevated a pimple as they type in my order.
Love the pepperonis

jesta1210, Aug 2, 10:43 pm


dannyboy24, Aug 3, 8:04 am

eeeeewk! bleeeuch!

biscuitd, Aug 3, 8:49 am

there are two things that really bug me about food places one is the hygiene, no caps, no hair tied back, people handling money and food. Really noticed it after I returned from a trip elsewhere and the other is a lack of itemised billing. I have been to several places here in Welly had essentially the same (small) order yet paid different amounts. I just assume the staff really don't know what they are doing.
I want a bill showing me exactly what I paid for each item!
So yeah food hygiene is sadly lacking in a lot of places.

huca1, Aug 3, 9:02 am

Still better than shitty pizza hut

bosch2006, Aug 3, 9:38 am

and then there are restaurants/takeaways that do some of the food preparation and cooking at home kitchens. The food is then later transferred to the outlet.

klc1, Aug 3, 10:39 am

In an ideal world, sure but in reality these franchise stores are forced by head office to offer those silly prices and something has to give. It's not good but it's the reality I reckon.

jonners2013, Aug 3, 12:13 pm

I went round to my friends for dinner the other night, I noticed they weren't wearing gloves whilst preparing my dinner. ew.

stojo, Aug 3, 4:25 pm

I saw something similar the other day when at a coffee shop. Of course halfway through making our bagels, an elderly couple walk in and order after about 5 minutes of indecision and then hand over a $20 note, the assistant takes the note and then gives change to the coots and then back to making our bagels.

Well that was us gone, of course only to deal with more old codgers causing chaos on the roads.

jcmp21, Aug 3, 4:32 pm

Pays not to think about it. Ignorance is bliss. If we really knew what was going on at some of these places we would never buy fast food again.

steve198, Aug 3, 8:22 pm

---or go to some restaurants. If we only knew what went on 'out the back' we would never dine out at all. I could tell a tale or two, admittedly from some years back but it put me off for a while.

kacy5, Aug 3, 10:39 pm

well some places do advertised home cooking, always makes me laugh

slimgym, Aug 4, 6:59 am

I love how some food places think gloves are to keep their hands clean in between money handling and food prep, and clearing tables.

zoopa, Aug 4, 10:36 am

Oh dear, you think Dominos has poor standards, if you went into some of the Kitchens, in a lot of Restaurants, around Christchurch, you wouldn't Eat at a lot of them, and that's at some of the, so called Top Places too,

shortee2, Aug 4, 1:02 pm

I'm sure Sequoia 88 wouldn't be in the ranks of the not so clean kitchens out of the fine dining restaurants.

jcmp21, Aug 4, 6:45 pm

Of course not.
They are the absolute epitome of fine dining & have a 10 star rating for hygiene . well I think I read that review, somewhere.

samanya, Aug 5, 7:06 pm

Ive got a good story. Worked at a Chinese restaurant years ago as a waiter. Went into the kitchen for one reason or other and found a chef soaking his hands in a large pot of chicken and corn soup. I asked him what he was doing and said very cold morning today, Im warming up my hands! No BS its all true

mss2006, Aug 7, 9:40 pm

I believe you except it was an English cook in a pub in London stirring the pot of stew with his hands and hairy arms immersed in it that I saw. It was many years ago but I expect it is still done behind kitchen doors.

kacy5, Aug 9, 1:45 am

So anyone on this thread getting takeaways tonight?

klc1, Aug 9, 1:31 pm

The problem with warming up your hands is it makes your feet feel cold.

stojo, Aug 9, 8:23 pm

The feet were probably next in the pot.

samanya, Aug 10, 11:48 am

fish and chips are still the best takeaway, have never ever had a problem with them, and often they are cooked right in front of you so you can see what's going on

andy-1, Aug 10, 12:37 pm

Gloves done make anything cleaner, you just wash your hands. I wouldn't get too worried about food hygiene on Pizza, it gets cooked so who cares? Hygienic after it's been in the oven. Anyway your immune system can deal with any small amount of bacteria that gets in. Your stomach acid also kills any bacteria.

tygertung, Aug 10, 6:23 pm

Oh, nice to know we don't have to worry about salmonella, botulism, norovirus any more, because it'll get cooked out.

Because nobody's ever gotten sick before from food prepared and cooked in a restaurant . no wait . that's not right!

astrophe, Aug 10, 6:25 pm

I would be surprised if you would get sick from well-cooked pizza because the person didn't wear gloves.

tygertung, Aug 10, 7:45 pm

Commercial pizza ovens are run bloody hot. Generally in excess of 250 degrees Celsius! this is a big kill step for any bacteria present.

Have you thought about the toxins that come off the gloves and into your dinner?

stojo, Aug 10, 8:04 pm

contact the CCC I am sure they have a unit that checks out food safety and places like that.

honest-reliable, Aug 10, 8:59 pm

Lol, so my first class trip (late 90s, Christchurch - so not that long ago or far away), the teacher had us all eating huhu grubs he pulled out of some log, we were maybe 6 years old? I don't recall him wearing gloves or washing his hands. I also don't recall any of us dying. When did everybody get so precious?

interrobang, Aug 10, 9:03 pm

Is it precious not to want some teenager's flaky scalp added to the pizza topping?

mikechch, Aug 10, 9:58 pm

Well kinda, I mean it's the "Food Hygiene Regulations 1974" - "Dandruff" has been around since the 15th century, "pizza" and "teenagers" for even longer than that ;)

interrobang, Aug 10, 10:12 pm

That teenager might become prime minister one day

stojo, Aug 10, 10:14 pm

Never mind the flaky scalp I found pubic hair. Took it back and the young woman at the counter just looked at me as to say, yeah whats the problem. Asked to speak to manager sorry not here, are you going to replace it, do you want another one. Lost the plot at that stage and asked for a refund. Sorry dont know how to do that. By this stage small group of customers gathering. I looked at her and said would you eat this pizza, well just chuck that slice away she replied. Ok, keep calm. I said the next time you ring up an order and open the till give me my refund. She did thankfully, if she hadn't I was ready to jump the counter. I asked her to let me write a note and put on it refund and asked the manager to contact me. i told her to leave it in the till for the manager. Never got a reply and have never used Dominos since and never will again.

pammies, Aug 10, 10:26 pm

light or dark?

mikechch, Aug 10, 11:00 pm

Dark very dark

pammies, Aug 11, 3:16 pm

What I would love to know . how did you identify the hair as 'pubic'?
Have you had a heap of experience in the 'hair identification' field?

samanya, Aug 11, 8:58 pm

maybe it's to do with the tightness of the curl?

mikechch, Aug 11, 9:49 pm

Saw curry being prepared in an old bathtub out the back of a shop, in the attached flat in England once. Really old scummy flat too LOL.

jcmp21, Aug 11, 10:20 pm

haaa . maybe

samanya, Aug 12, 12:02 pm

I had a delicious congee in a cafe in China & after I'd finished it I noticed the staff washing the dishes in a scummy bowl of water *yikes*. No ill effects thankfully (they came after eating a KFC burger . the clenched buttock walk/run back to my hotel . nice!

samanya, Sep 7, 4:33 am

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