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xmakara, Jul 9, 3:33pm
The Christchurch Police has been collecting numerous complaints about the abusive window washers and sent them all to the CCC, now the City Police said that they have been instructed by the City Council to charge the window washers under a bylaw. And the Christchurch FB page says that you can call 111 if you see them on the intersections as they really want to stamp them out.

So if you see them out, call 111.

slimgym, Jul 9, 4:25pm
the guy on Blenheim/curletts road was never nasty

jonners2013, Jul 9, 6:07pm
I've seen the odd one who is determined to wash your window no matter what you say, but I've never seen one who is abusive. Sure they're annoying if the hold up traffic but are they really causing the sort of trouble that warrants calling the emergency assistance number? What a complete waste of the emergency hotline.

survivalkiwi, Jul 9, 6:35pm
I keep my cars immaculate and clean. I do not like anyone touching them.
If a window guy ever tried to touch mine he would probably have to call the police on me. Same goes with those scum bags who put flyers under my car window wipers.

puddles11, Jul 9, 7:49pm
Good. Intersections are places for traffic to move through - not for people to conduct business.

jon9, Jul 9, 8:15pm
The Waltham rd / Moorhouse ave corner is terrible

jonners2013, Jul 9, 8:16pm
Here you go. I think this will be of benefit to you;

foamyone, Jul 9, 11:08pm
Get rid of them., Jul 10, 12:51am
Sober. He did time for assault, including one very famous incident that made the news. I believe he is locked up at the moment, which is why he isn't scamming the benefit system currently., Jul 10, 12:52am
Saw a nasty little crew up by Eastgate the other evening. 4 sitting drinking, 2 with the screen wipers at the intersection. Boy did they move when a police car came past - they all looked under age for drinking.

gillian25, Jul 10, 6:54am
We rang 111 for an incident at work last week. Cops arrived next morning.
So dont hold your breathe. Personally I would hope cops have more important things to do. Although I cant think what it is.they do.

tool_shop173, Jul 10, 8:28am
He did a good job of knockin capel over, Jul 10, 8:28am
Yes he did.

tool_shop173, Jul 10, 8:34am

tool_shop173, Jul 10, 8:34am
I could watch that over and over, Jul 10, 8:39am
It was well deserved

gillian25, Jul 10, 10:56am
Its a shame these people cant get the help they need isnt it.? Instead of being thrown in jail and coming out even worse off, After all we live in a Rock Star economy . Cant figure out how we have one of the biggest drug and alcohol and Mental Illness problems in the Western World. Must have something to do with the govt Priority's being wrong. What does everyone think? I know where I would rather invest my taxes.

hayster94, Jul 10, 11:34am
Probably more like poor life choices but still there are easier ways to get a job. As others have said many of these people are well underage so should be in school anyway, where are the parents? I often see them smoking too

tygertung, Jul 10, 6:24pm
At leas they are working hard to do a job washing windows at intersections. Entrepreneurial types.

brittanyskye13, Jul 10, 10:03pm
- Hi, can you link to the FB page where you saw police saying call 111?

usualsuspect, Jul 11, 5:29am
you know in some ways i think good on them at least they are doing something . better than sitting outside burger king with a notice saying homeless and struggling please help God bless, which I saw a few weeks ago down Moorehouse Ave

astrophe, Jul 11, 6:06am
And what was the incident . ?

gillian25, Jul 11, 6:49am
serious assault.

cmscott111, Jul 11, 7:40am
In other words you have no idea, Jul 11, 9:50pm
Used to see that in London a lot. Cigarette in one hand, can of beer in the other, had cardboard notices asking for money and a hat to throw it in as their hands were full.

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