Anyone use Budgie Power?

jane310567, Jan 28, 5:11am
. They seem reasonable.

jessebird, Jan 28, 6:08am
Whats that ? some kinda bird.

nabbed, Jan 28, 6:11am
sounds real cheep

jane310567, Jan 28, 6:57am
ha ha, new power company!

moodybleu, Jan 28, 7:19am
Very amusing lol

zoopa, Jan 28, 9:17am
do you get a cheaper night rate for budgie smugglers?

craftylady1, Jan 28, 6:49pm
Do they have a bulging package deal ?

fordy1110, Jan 28, 7:25pm
here i was thinking new budgie food. :)
budgie food in nz is different to budgie food in aus there's is more colourfull. Not sure if it's because of the climate?

I have heard of this power but don't know anyone on it.

I was also told of some power company it cheap for the elderly. not sure of the name

chchpukeko, Feb 3, 5:33am
I'm been with them for the past 5 months. They buy their power from Mighty River power.
Their prices are great and the discounts are awesome. Everything has been hassle free so far.

jane310567, Jan 30, 3:07pm
well I rang them and they said they are not taking any more customers in CHCH!

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