Are we having a Tsunami siren practise?

narnies, Jun 13, 7:17am
Live out north canterbury and can hear the tsunami sirens and warnings going off, hoping its just a test practise, can anyone elaborate, or should we get the hell out of dodge lol.

gime6569, Jun 13, 7:20am
Was talking to in laws at karaki and it went off.were told to leave camp

foal30, Jun 13, 7:27am
Nothing on geonet

narnies, Jun 13, 7:30am
foal30 wrote:
Nothing on geonet[/quote

yes well I havent heard of any major quakes so am guessing it is some kind of test.

gime6569, Jun 13, 7:31am
Narnies where r u

narnies, Jun 13, 7:32am
salt water creek, sefton

narnies, Jun 13, 7:33am
crap its going off agian

gime6569, Jun 13, 7:40am
We r in akaroa at the moment but my in laws live at karaki motor camp

shell37, Jun 13, 7:43am
We saltwater creek too and heard it , I cant find anything on civil defence site or anything

narnies, Jun 13, 7:48am
No me neither, would have been nice if they could have let us know their intentions of testing it, will just sit here and wait my fate I guess!

andy61, Jun 13, 7:48am
The Waimakariri District Council website says its a Tsunami Alert Exercise 12/6 from 9 am to 10 pm, Woodend, Waikuku and Pines Beaches etc.

gime6569, Jun 13, 7:48am
My friend just said there's a evacuation practice out kaiapoi woodend way

shell37, Jun 13, 7:50am
Ok thanks andy61 :)
I will continue with what I was doing now lol

narnies, Jun 13, 7:52am
thanks andy61

gpg58, Jun 13, 7:53am
Evacuation is voluntary, despite the stupid speaker message saying "YOU are ordered to go, it is not a practice".
I just drove thru cordon bought some whiskey and drove back, was stopped at checkpoint, but was fine to continue home.

tygertung, Jun 13, 11:37pm
I can't see how effective these sirens are going to be if every time they go off people assume that it is a practice!

astrophe, Jun 8, 3:06pm
Great. So simply BY testing it, they actually MAKE the system useless.

When there's a real need for it, people will sit around wondering "Is this a test" and stay put.

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