Shirley boys or Mairehau high

gazvic, Aug 11, 7:01am
Which one would you recommend. Son has been accepted into SBHS and has now changed his mind and now wants to go to mairehau. I'm in to minds regarding the 2nd one.

kids4ever, Aug 11, 7:07am
SBHS, my choice for him, I would definately lead him to thinking SBHS, why does he want to go to Mairehau?

kids4ever, Aug 11, 7:09am
What? SBHS is one of the best schools in CH>CH

ryanm2, Aug 11, 7:15am
for people living in Shirley and surrounding areas.

gazvic, Aug 11, 7:25am
I think it's more of a case of where his friends are going that has changed his mind. The principal of SBHS seems more clued up than the other. How to make him change his mind is now going to be a battle.

mme, Aug 11, 8:05am
Did you go to the open days? We went to the CBHS & SBHS open days & chose SBHS then had to move in from Sumner into the SBHS bc the out zone list wasn't moving likely bc there were a few of us doing the same.

Some kids benefit from a single sex schl some do better in a coed.

nats62, Aug 11, 8:55am
My oldest went to Mairehau. There was no way I was going to send my other 2 children there after the experence we had. But in saying that, it will also depend on the child. He was not very academic and had no social skills ( medical problems). The Dean he had when he started was brilliant with him. Then she left and the new Dean was absolute crap with him. Not a very good experience. As I said, really depends on the child as to how they will go.

lugee, Aug 11, 10:00am
SBHS > Mairehau

gillian25, Aug 11, 7:19pm
Sent mine to SBHS. The principal is a twat. If you have any desire to succeed in anything other than sport, you might choose the later.
First 15 the biggest bullies you are ever likely to meet, spurred on by the staff.

firebirds, Aug 11, 11:46pm
sent two of mine to SBHS biggest mistake I ever made. neither were into sports and one had a learning disability which they failed to accommodate.

lambrat, Aug 12, 2:42am
was a mistake with mine too too firebirds. and he chose and insisted on going there because of school friends.

if your son loves sport and uber-blokey competitive environment then fine. but if he doesn't, plus gets on ok with females and has a great sense of humour, send him to shirley and watch all that disappear

mcnic, Aug 12, 3:29am
gazvic the best you can do is go along and look at schools in action when it is not the open night and form your own opinion on what best suits your son. I'm extremely happy with SBHS, think John Laurenson is great, and my only complaint is that I can't send my daughter there. In fact we are thinking we will have to pay to send her to a private school as we can't find any public school that takes girls (co-ed or otherwise) that matches what we've found at SBHS. But that is for bright kids. SBHS definitely caters to them and runs a great high performance centre embracing Cambridge exams. We have not struck any bullying issues either.

tomber, Aug 12, 6:58am
I don't know anything about Mairehau but I do know that SBHS punches well above its weight and has a good reputation, they are known there for being well mannered and I hear that the principal knows how to get the very best from boys. I've heard nothing but good things about that particular school.

abbied, Aug 13, 6:56am
Shirley has been great for my boys both sport and academically and one is an extension student who needs to be continually extended or behaviour issues. The staff I have dealt with have all been fair and supportive to my two boys:)

optima, Aug 13, 9:30am
My boy is in his last year at SBHS and we are very happy with how things have gone there. He is not sporty or a great academic, but Shirley has been great for him.

lugee, Aug 13, 10:38pm
When I was in year 13 in the mid-late 2000's, the principle actually called an assembly and told all the sport-oriented people that they will never make anything of it and to shape up academically.

I wasn't sport-oriented at all and found the school fine, plenty of other things to do.

gman35, Aug 13, 11:36pm
At least the car parking for the Boy's Audi would be better at either one than at Christs College !

fordy1110, Aug 14, 12:24am
my mum's cousin is Russel Stocks. not sure what he teaches at Shirley boys but I know he has something to do with the dragon boats etc.

I'll have to choose a high school soon for my girl she has only 1 more year left then off to high school. She wont be ready sadly so i need to find a good school which will help her with her learning needs.
Hagley I am pulling towards. i went to Aranui high ( with all the changes i wont be sending miss there she doesn't need to be distracted again. brother and sister went to Mairehau high.

2bit, Aug 14, 4:18am
I've taught lots of classes or kids from different schools, through the electives they do at CPIT. Shirley Boys are always polite, well behaved and just plain nice young boys. Some of the other boys schools, not so much. Not taught Mairehau.

likit, Aug 26, 3:24pm
3 of my boys went to Shirley & thoroughly enjoyed their time there. My oldest boy went to Mairehau back in late 90's early 2000 when they had a different headmaster & he had no complaints then.

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