Good Car Wrecker to sell my car to?

rachjase, Jan 22, 3:12am
Hubby sold his 1987 Toyota Corolla which had def seen better days to Pick-a-Part for $250 . you are better to advertise it on TM

atlantis3, Jan 22, 4:39am
Make sure you cancel the registration plates.

What happens if I don't cancel the registration?

If the vehicle is required to be continuously licensed and the registration is not cancelled, the NZTA will cancel the registration 12 months after the last licence or licence exemption has expired. If this happens and the licence fees remain unpaid, the outstanding fees will be sent to debt collection.

saskianz, Jan 22, 8:17am
There is a place on Brougham Street that specialises in Subaru's, otherwise try the wreckers at the top end of Cranford Street.

kacy5, Jan 23, 8:57am
Son sold a Toyota 4x4 which had well and truly died for $1400.00 from a car scrap merchant. I don't know who it was, he just saw the ad in a paper.

chchpukeko, Jan 21, 8:02am
I have a Subaru Legacy that has definitely seen better days and has now run out of WOF, Rego and (in the next 2 weeks) insurance.
I really can't be bothered trying to sell it myself so thought I would contact a wrecker/auto dismantlers to see if they will give me money for it.
Has anyone got a suggestion of one somewhere around ChCh that will give me a fair price?

chappy07, Jan 21, 8:18am
what do you want for this

eyesonu, Jan 21, 8:51am
Hey try car pickup companies.they are known to pay gd money for cars that go.anything from $400+. Good money I say

robotix1970, Jan 21, 10:25pm
hi OP, I don't mean to burst your bubble but the prices of scrap at the moment are really low so my advice to you would be to put the reg on hold (costs nothing if you call the 0800 land transport no.) and advertise it on trademe or in the paper as you may get as much as $700.00 for it.

robotix1970, Feb 5, 11:11am
and sell it as parts for 1k. :((

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