Canterbury Magazines

beatrix3, Jul 27, 10:55pm
Can someone help me on how to get in touch with this business. I know they closed the shop in Addington to operate from their home, but I can't remember John's last name and a google/white pages search does not help.

jane310567, Jul 28, 3:15am
is that the latitude magazine?

addington261, Jul 28, 10:41pm
he has signs in the window of his old shop I will get the number later when I go to the bakery if you like.

addington261, Jul 29, 1:32am
Hi his name is John Turner and phone 3858061

beatrix3, Jul 29, 9:14am
awesome thank you so much XX

doggybear, Jul 31, 5:06am
There's another one that I like called Avenues.

voxal, Oct 17, 2:34pm
If you are looking for a Good Magazine shop, Richmond Village Book and Post Centre on North Avon Road must have the biggest range in Christchurch. There are magazines there you never find anywhere else.

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