akelus, Apr 12, 7:47pm
Need someone who cares, reliable and fussy

mbos, Apr 12, 9:49pm
Definitely not New Zealand Vanlines, in our experience, then. Unreliable, late, uncommunicative, and our furniture got trashed.

fait.accompli, Apr 13, 1:29am
Yes definitely not Vanlines. we had the same experience as previous poster.

rob312, Apr 13, 1:39am
World Moving - brilliant, careful, polite.

batty211, Apr 13, 7:25am
Dennis from Railz - brilliant. Christchurch removals - not so much (understatement)

coralsnake, Apr 13, 2:40pm
Definitely not NZ Van Lines; The Moving Company sub'd my move out to another company whose name I've forgotten. Christchurch Removals definitely not either.

zoopa, Apr 14, 5:11am
Not Chch removals either.

Lots seem to recommend that Dennis chap, and I have yet to see a bad word about him on here

macboy2, Apr 15, 5:49am
Agree. Awesome service

akaniva, Apr 19, 11:01am
Movemen are awesome I am using them for the second time now.

tomber, Apr 19, 11:12am
Dennis from Railz, highly recommend.

nickyd, Apr 20, 1:18am
- +1 - was great for us (and our neighbours!)

lucystarbuck, Dec 3, 5:18pm
We just used Allied Pickfords , 3 guys + truck @ $150 + gst per hr. Best money we ever spent

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