Weather in Chch?

goatchickens, Jun 22, 8:06pm
What's it doing down there now? Ta.

craftylady1, Jun 22, 8:24pm
A few seconds of snow just before. Cold and clear sky

goatchickens, Jun 22, 9:08pm
Thanks. Hopefully it'll stay that way!

buzzy86, Jun 22, 11:57pm

jessebird, Jun 23, 12:06am
No snow here, rain off and on, don,t you love it.

schnauzer11, Jun 23, 1:12am
Sleeting here in Addington. Bone-chillingly cold outside and a good dump of snow on the hills.Thank heavens for the log-burner!

goatchickens, Apr 17, 3:23pm
Thanks for the reports, folks. DH and DS were heading into town for work today, and wondered about how bad the roads were.

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