Where to get prescription lenses put in existing

frames in Christchurch? Do we have any labs operating here like we used to before the quakes? Years ago you could send your glasses away to get new lenses in.Asking because I have a lovely retro pair of sunglasses I would like prescription lenses put in.

brightlights60, Sep 8, 11:25 pm

would a regular optometrist not do this?

jonners2013, Sep 9, 2:23 pm

Sure would.

tony9, Sep 9, 5:56 pm

No not all of them, actually wanting to go straight to a lab if possible, or send them away.

brightlights60, Sep 9, 7:45 pm

I think there's a lab somewhere at Wigram. I go to Curtis Vision and was told that the lab that was in their building was now at Wigram. Don't know anything more about it tho. Hopes this helps

catfan, Sep 11, 9:40 am

Thanks for that, will investigate.

brightlights60, Sep 15, 2:47 pm

Give them a ring
They repaired my glasses and if you have the prescription i am sure they can help
Very impressed with the service

tawera_moeke, May 10, 4:37 am

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