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There seem to be mixed reviews in my thread about The Old Vicarage. I am looking for a pleasant place for a dinner for about 15 people on a milestone birthday next month. East of the Square, and has to have nice meals for vegetarians as well as meat eaters.
Any suggestions?

lorischch, Sep 4, 9:15 am

Tutto bene, Papanui rd is good also Costas taverna,st Germains Papanui rd & apparently Salt on the pier in New Brighton is good (though I've not been there) & they have a vegetarian option;if I remember rightly,so do the others but you could check.

cronezone, Sep 4, 1:57 pm

Lone Star

honest-reliable, Sep 4, 2:12 pm

Try Dux Dine in Riccarton Road, vegetarian but also do seafood. Substantial entree meals, salads, pizzas etc and also great main meals. Definitely follow up with delicious deserts.

jenny253, Sep 4, 2:13 pm

Persian Kitchen. A+

foal30, Sep 4, 4:13 pm

Spice Paragon - amazing food, great vegetarian selection

babylak, Sep 4, 11:15 pm

Richmond Workingmens Club. Speights Ale House

neil2612, Sep 5, 1:06 pm

Group ate at Salt On The Pier last Thursday. We didn't know but Steak Special night - "$17 for fries & 3 fresh vegetables. Have other night specials including kids free Sunday night. Check their Website.
May have improved but when we dined at Richmond meal was cold.

jessie981, Sep 8, 8:25 pm

Chillingworth Road top end of Cranford Street ,.we had a special birthday tea there. Told them what we wanted and what the night was about and they really looked after us .Personalised the night superbly .
Food and service great

bugsy23, Sep 8, 9:12 pm

I have heard good reports of Chillingworth Road too. Have had lunch there (great food) but not dinner yet.

coverdrive, Sep 8, 10:46 pm

I have not heard great things about Sequoia 88

zoopa, Sep 9, 6:33 pm

You'd probably never get 100% positive anywhere. I thought the comments on the Old Vic thread were overwhelmingly positive. Can't imagine why you're having second thoughts.

In fact, just went there recently. Food was very good.

astrophe, Sep 9, 6:42 pm

Ate recently at Old Vicarage. thought meal was delicious. expensive drinks! I also love Harringtons at Belfast. great portion size and good value.

bluecalico, Sep 14, 11:34 am

Sequoia 88

jcmp21, May 16, 3:12 am

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