Carpet issue

jamesnmatt, Sep 16, 9:27am
I would suggest no-one actually take the time or effort to reply to this poster, because we've already learnt this is an ex-EQC employee who likes to troll.

tygertung, Sep 16, 6:14pm
Seeing as the carpet is old perhaps you could get some new secondhand carpet and lay it yourself?

androoo, Sep 19, 10:19pm
hehe :)

kids4ever, Sep 20, 3:56am
your carpet has clearly stretch as is so old, why should Insurance or any other company pay for new carpet for you, paying Insurance all your life has nothing to do with it, you are a joke

kids4ever, Sep 20, 3:57am
thanks jamesnmatt, he is just a joke that guy

corkranb, Apr 14, 2:31pm
Actually it is pretty common with the earthquakes to have adversely impacted very old underlay. Very old underlay has simply disintegrated and this has caused the lumps under the carpet. I'm not saying the insurance should have to foot the bill for replacement as it comes under contents as the underlay was very much passed it's use by date.

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