Ch ch accountant recommendations

lrbz, Jul 30, 8:16am
Hi looking to find a accountant in Christchurch any recommendations would be much appreciated

fimeister, Jul 30, 9:02am
Michael Ibell is great :-)

mss2006, Jul 30, 9:27am
Goldsmith Fox

helencr, Jul 31, 2:40am
Goldsmith Fox, Dorian Crighton

lynchmob2, Jul 31, 4:03am
My wife !

rusty2337, Jul 31, 4:57am
Highly recommend Kerry Adams

mousiemousie, Jul 31, 6:35am, Jul 31, 7:06am
Philpott & Associates (Steve Cox does mine). Always get a good refund, which more than covers their bill.

bottynoodle, Oct 18, 3:16pm
Graham Beecroft

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