Stippled Ceilings

curly78, Mar 4, 4:43am
We have quite a few cracks in our ceiling and took a payout from eqc last year for repairs. Only just getting onto organising repairs now. and it's turning into a real headache! House is approximately 25 years old so i am aware there may be asbestos. Had a plasterer in who said they will treat it as asbestos, sand and skim and basically flatten it out. Talked to someone else who said they will test and if positive remove whole ceiling and start again, problem is this will be approx $100 per sq metre and area is as least 100 sq metres! Tossing up the idea of rejibbing over top, but need to find someone to do this. Has anyone been in this situation? If so, what did you do and who did you use tia

millerz08, Mar 4, 4:56am
Get it tested first, then go back to EQC.

I was in this situation, took payout, came to repair and found it was asbestos.

I would never allow it to be gibbed over- eqc will recommend this, but it is covering the problem. It is a future risk.
EQC covered some of the extra but not all. We had a ceiling drop, and replacement through Wheelers, they deal with asbestos correctly.

millerz08, Mar 4, 4:57am
Also asbestos should not be sanded, it releases it.

mm12345, Mar 4, 5:09am
25 years old (1990) might not be asbestos. 30 years old - then more likely. Of course you need to get it tested.

curly78, Mar 4, 5:21am
Problem is, we were just under cap for payout and i am worried if we go back to eqc they will pass us on to Fletchers and want the payout back. I have already done about a quarter of the repairs myself (simple plastering and painting). I guess i just want recommendations for the simplest safest most cost effective way of doing things.

jkp58, Mar 4, 7:53am
whats your health worth ?II think you know the answer have it tested then work from there

jessebird, Mar 4, 8:19am
My house was built 1960 would i have asbestos?

rollydog1, Mar 4, 9:13am
Ours is stippled and has asbestos present and should not be sanded but removed by professionals who use all the right gear

opencast, Mar 4, 9:30am
We have - the lino tiles in the bathroom had asbestos in the tile itself (luckily I saw these on the internet when I was looking for info re asbestos - would have had no idea otherwise). This website has pictures of them

Our soffits are all asbestos and the same material was used around the entrance way (external) by the front door.

Sometimes the older vinyl/lino on the floor has a hessian sacking type stuff glued under it. We had to have this tested as in some cases they used sacking that held asbestos (apparently).

slimgym, Mar 4, 7:17pm
we had ours tested, we had asbestos, so they were going the sand it down but as it had been painted over it was too hard so they had to take the whole ceiling off and put a new ceiling in

one of the boys had put his foot through the ceiling in the hall way the person in charge just put a new ceiling in the hall way old ceiling still there

slimgym, Mar 4, 7:19pm
If you think about it, how many buildings in town were pulled down without checking for asbestos,. we are doomed anyway. The worst asbestos is the air borne one.

jules340, Jan 8, 5:05pm
Our house was built in 1950's. 2 ceilings no asbestos, 1 did. Weird

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