Grit please

stojo, Jun 24, 11:10am
Are the council putting any grit on the roads when it frosts? It was bloody slippery today and they obviously hadn't put any down where I was riding. They do heaps in Dunedin do they got out and grit the roads on frosty Christchurch nights?

lucky.gadgets, Jun 24, 2:12pm
I agree they need to do grit or salt, but there are so many roads that need it, it would be a massive job, especially in Selwyn. The whole region is a death trap with so many commuting into town for work in the early morning. Its a horrible feeling hitting black ice and losing control of your car at open road speeds.

tygertung, Jun 24, 6:38pm
Yeah I fell off my bicycle 5 times! Was riding exceptionally carefully too.

dogbond, Jun 24, 7:56pm
Im going to work from home today. No water as frozen pipes, and the roads in North canty most likely nasty, oh the joys of winter.

stojo, Jun 24, 8:00pm
I noticed today they had put grit down on bealey ave and lots on corner Fitzgerald ave and avondide drive.better late than never ;)

dogbond, Jun 24, 8:14pm
Noticed yesterday driving out of ch ch on Belfast road, just before the bridge near Northwood, a big pile of grit jjust dumped on the road, not spread.

traykuku, Jun 24, 8:51pm
They put grit on a lot of roads yesterday but would be a huge job to grit them all. there would not be so many incidents on the icy roads if we didn't have all the dickheads that still follow too close & go too fast for the conditions. reckon lots in Chch have a death wish!

jonners2013, Jun 24, 8:51pm
what's astonishing is that they seem to leave it until morning peak hour before the grit some major roads.

why are they not out there all night doing it?

fordy1110, Jun 24, 9:05pm
my partner was walking to work yesterday an old man had fallen over then partner fell over in the same place he got a hurt a bit. then he managed to help the old man up. this was on the foot path i think he said cobble stones. so he text me to let my girl know to be careful. at 10.40am I had to go out and the car which sits sadly in the shade was frozen and the key lock was locked and I couldn't get in.
today seems very mild ( no frost in my area)
I watched something the other day on face book and they had a truck with salt I guess and they were throwing it everywhere. the road, footpath the tops of cars. I have never seen it done before.
very scary this black ice. just keep warm and be careful.

dogbond, Jun 24, 9:23pm
They use a lot of salt in the UK fordy, but we used to get black ice all winter over there, not a nice feeling I can tell you!

andrewcg53, Jun 25, 12:53am
If it is shaded most of the day then they put grit down but if not they won't as when the frost melts the grit makes the road slippery also.

fordy1110, Jun 25, 1:45am
Thank you dogbond. :)

pico42, Jun 25, 3:13am
I don't think salt is used in NZ at all? Harsh on cars. It is usually grit (cheapest) or CMA.

dogbond, Jun 25, 4:01am
Salt was horrible, not only on cars, but damaged your footwear as well

bandit101, Apr 5, 2:33pm
Does the grit block the drains and cause flooding.? Maybe thats the reason.
Has Linwood Ave dropped? I never use to see the roads so frosty.

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