I'm looking for decent 2nd hand book shops in chch

goult, Jun 3, 7:14pm
Shops with a good range of non fiction and reference books would be good.
Can anyone recommend any? Any area.

martin11, Jun 3, 9:14pm
Try The Tannery in Woolston think Smiths are now there .

junie2, Jun 3, 11:35pm
Does it have to be a book shop proper? If not, check out the Sallies in Papanui and Cranford St, Habitat for Humanity in Waltam Rd, the dump shop in Rangiora. There are dozens more like this where I find my book treasures.

lorischch, Jun 3, 11:47pm
The Recycling place on Blenheim road. Surprising what you find there.

mbos, Jun 4, 12:09am
There's a really good second hand bookshop on Lincoln Road, In Addington, opposite the Addington Mall. Fabulous range, and a lot of the old series that you can't find elsewhere anymore (plus a full size Dalek). . .

henpen, Jun 4, 12:14am
There is a good one at Bishopdale Mall opposite the (now closed) library.

letitia, Jun 4, 12:19am
There's a bookshop crammed full with books on Edgeware Road not far from Springfield Road.


moomoo18, Jun 4, 9:42pm
There's also a book shop on bower ave more nearer the new Brighton rd end. David's book shop I think it's called.

calista, Jun 4, 9:50pm
The one in Addington with the Dalek is good.

ebeater, Jun 4, 10:08pm
City Mission Hereford St gets some excellent reference/non fiction books recycling through at splendid prices

stojo, Jun 5, 12:28am
I found the one at church corner very good

ebeater, Jun 5, 2:08am
PS. I should have added that they turn over very quickly and the staff very very busy so realistically, one needs to go and look.

kids4ever, Jun 5, 2:57am

kids4ever, Jun 5, 2:59am
that's the ECO store

didee, Jun 5, 7:19am
Or take a drive to Chertsy to the big barn full of second hand books you could spend hours there the place is massive also you can get some good deals at the Sunday Riccarton market several second hand book sellers there

brightlights60, Jun 5, 7:24am
That's our family's favourite too!

turbogtx, Jun 5, 7:40am
There is a lovely second hand book shop at New Brighton in the covered area called "The Barn". A great selection.

jane310567, Jun 5, 10:00am
good selection in Papanui - by the railway line - wee brick place at the beginning of harewood rd. Opp where the fancy dress place is.

saskianz, Jun 7, 9:53pm
The Dove Bookshop - a darling place!

tygertung, Jun 26, 2:28pm
Best one I reckon is that one at church corner, in 'China Town'. It is a Christian one and the prices are very good. They haver a spiritial section as well as all other types of books. I got a lot of sailing books from there one day and they had some old classics which I had been looking for for ages. Good deals.

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