Where's a cheap but nice place for a lunch meal.

Looking at going out for a lunch with a friend where is somewhere cheap but good.

maddsno, Sep 22, 5:44 pm

Monteiths Avonhead, potato skins are super yummy, and about $14

kay34, Sep 22, 6:14 pm


craftylady1, Sep 22, 6:43 pm

Tavern harewood.

jane310567, Sep 22, 7:13 pm

What style of food would you like and in what part of town?

tygertung, Sep 22, 7:25 pm


maddsno, Sep 22, 7:57 pm

under the red veranda?

jane310567, Sep 22, 9:12 pm

The Fitz Pub do good roast of the day $14.50.

mss2006, Sep 22, 9:35 pm

Madam Kwong yum Cha

cjh1, Sep 22, 10:23 pm

Ristretto in Barbadoes Street (Opposite St Albans park) is nice and reasonably priced. Lovely lady who owns it too, always very friendly.

piker55, Sep 23, 1:07 pm

You have to be joking!

jules555, Sep 23, 4:48 pm

Little Saigon

metaller, Sep 23, 6:08 pm

go for a drive to Little River. The main café has really good counter food, I recommend the Bacon and Egg Butty, with wholegrain mustard and homemade onion jam, followed by the cheesecake brownie

sossie1, Sep 23, 6:11 pm

Never been disappointed here.

Venison burger is great.

foamyone, Sep 23, 6:16 pm

Bean scene café Riccarton Rd have nice lunches

granny98, Sep 23, 6:51 pm

Op is asking for east side, that's miles away

kids4ever, Sep 23, 9:14 pm

Just found the best Roast in town - Its not hte Fitz now but the pub at Avonhead Mall $15.00. Roast pork, crackling, apple sauces and buttered veges.

mss2006, Sep 23, 9:14 pm

very expensive

kids4ever, Sep 23, 9:14 pm

there is a nice place in Beach road, on the cnr. opposite park by Waimairi Beach

kids4ever, Sep 23, 9:22 pm


2bit, Sep 23, 9:23 pm

Hi, please, where is that place, haven't heard of it, thanks

kids4ever, Sep 23, 9:25 pm

It's in behind the petrol station on Blenheim Rd. You just point at what looks nice on the way past, and order a few things to share. Just keep pointing until you're full! Chinese, obviously.

2bit, Sep 23, 9:31 pm

Stix and stone in northwood

tool_shop173, Sep 23, 9:42 pm

Opawa Cafe in Opawa Rd.
Urban (I think that's what it's called) at the old Bower in the new container pub/cafe
Market at the Tannery

huia991, Sep 24, 5:35 am

Beat Street Cafe is really good and not too expensive.

tygertung, Sep 24, 6:06 pm

Sequoia 88, five star dining and 2 star prices.

jcmp21, Sep 24, 6:22 pm

Minus 5 star food quality

honest-reliable, Sep 25, 3:25 pm

the food there is not great.

metaller, Sep 25, 3:28 pm

I second this.

ajn255, Sep 25, 5:30 pm

Absolutely agree 100%. Such a shame the previous owners have gone. might now be much classier than it was

craftylady1, Sep 25, 6:46 pm

Nope still terrible. I went there tonight only cause my aunty had organised a family get together. Only good thing is I didnt gorge myself so will sleep peacefully tonight.

myrns, Oct 4, 10:40 pm

i second the bacon n egg butty

dannyboy24, Feb 23, 4:24 am

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