$685,000 spent on jet-setting council

jcmp21, Jan 1, 10:29pm
Sure, it's not even as much as Lianne makes each year, but it's still a lot for a council and public who won't condone even muffins be purchased previously. Be interesting to see her passport, bet it filled up quick.

sw20, Jan 1, 10:46pm
The only thing liberal about modern liberal politicians is their liberal use of other people's money.

bligh, Jan 1, 10:48pm
Now if it was on Bob Parkers watch, guess what she would be saying.

samanya, Jan 2, 5:29am

jcmp21, Jan 2, 6:12am
She'd be standing there in her $600 Italian leather boots decrying the extravagant spending going on no doubt.

jcmp21, Jan 4, 8:47am
Anyone know where the protest is and when?

treecave, Jan 4, 7:56pm
what is bob parker up to now

mals69, Jan 4, 8:02pm
"This is your life"

craftylady1, Apr 23, 4:32pm
Just think of all they could eat if they spent that much at Sequioa88

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