Whats 'round the corner?

jen367, May 31, 10:36 am

bang bang under the old cop shop

grad111, May 31, 11:06 am

Lol. Grad111. And poster 1 stop scaremongering! We have spent the last 2 weeks being shaken to hell simply because piles are going in over the road on Moorhouse. It has made us seriously question the quality of the land that has caused what has felt like quakes several times a day for nearly 2 weeks.

zaowl, May 31, 11:28 am

Must watch telly tomorrow. wot time?

jen367, May 31, 2:59 pm

full moon coming they tell me

slimgym, Jun 2, 7:25 pm

It happens every month. No big deal.

paulmc, Jun 3, 2:51 am

Too quiet? What like the decades and decades and decades before the September 2010 quake?
Move on! (The rest of us have)

asil01, Jun 8, 10:31 am

Well said.

stella7771, Jun 9, 9:20 am

if no-one answered and said their point of view everytime it is put on, there would be this thread, I won't bother going into a thread started like this again, kick the post off ** jen367 likes to scare people who still live on their nerves**, I have got on with mine and so should you Jen

kids4ever, Jun 9, 10:07 am

so now we have naked tourists and swallows to blame, whales stranding, what next

slimgym, Jun 24, 4:37 pm

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