Insurance premiums

beerlady, Feb 5, 1:50am
Can someone please tell me if residents who own their own property in a retirement village can find out from the insurance company how much the yearly premiums are?

finn19, Jan 25, 6:55am
The retirement village will go through a Broker who arranges the insurances for the village.
This will not have individual sums shown for your unit, it will likely have one sum insured shown from an insurance valuation certificate that the village gets either every one /two years & the insurance premiums are based on that. The village will no doubt split that between the units & will be based on what type of unit ( size ) is owned.
The insurer will not offer this information to an individual that contacts them & refer you to the retirement village or Broker for this, otherwise I'd suggest you ask the retirement village for this information & see if they will advise total cost & a breakdown in how your premium was broken down .
Good luck.

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