HNZ logburners

littkuch, Jun 9, 3:22am
i have heard they are small any one out there got one and whats it like our old one has to come out (which we own and put in ourself)
should we just take the new log burner offered by HNZ or put our own in

shortee2, Jun 9, 4:20am
So your in a HNZ House, but you installed the Log Burner?

doggybear, Jun 9, 4:52am
It's pretty obvious that you should take the new one.

survivalkiwi, Jun 9, 5:22am
Why would anyone install a logfire in a house that they do not own?

golfaholic2, Jun 9, 5:29am
Speak to HNZ , and see if it's possible to upgrade if you pay the difference and deal with the paperwork

gazzat22, Jun 10, 12:02am
Lifetime tenancy? plenty around!

doggybear, Jun 10, 7:01am
Why would anyone make a big deal of someone living in a HNZ house if they are looking after it? Have you seen the state of some of the properties? They are, after all, just another rental agency. If you are on a benefit you will receive an allowance from WINZ towards rent and if you are working you will pay market rent. HNZ has allowed far too many of it's properties be destroyed by some of it's tenants who really don't give a damn and don't deserve to live in anything more than a dog kennel! I say good on poster one. their tenancy is their business and no one else's!

kiwimum, Jun 19, 2:45pm
Most of the replacement fires are Woodsman brand and replaced "like for like". So if you had an inbuilt it will be replaced with an inbuilt etc. the newer fires are much better burning and heating output for the same kilowatts as what the older ones were.

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