Cats need a new Home

fineo, May 30, 7:41am
We have 3 Cats that we need to re-home.
Unfortunately due to health they can no longer stay with us.
2 came to us from nearby rental when they where originally Christmas gifts to 2 young children ,but the novelty wore off and so they moved in with us.
The third one came to us about a year ago after his owners moved and left him behind.
I have a cat allergy but can no longer take the allergy pills so we must re-home them.
Tom Tom Bonnie Rusty

melcraig, May 30, 7:47am
Good on you for taking them in. It angers me that you were left in that position in the first place by dumbarse callous idiots.

The first link doesn't work. The other two show stunning looking cats.

fineo, May 30, 7:48am
Link fixed,thanks

kacy5, May 30, 1:22pm
Have you rung the Cat Protection people? I believe they are very good and if you tell them your case they may collect and rehome them for you.

harrislucinda, May 30, 10:11pm
What beautiful cats do hope you are able to find a home for them and altogether if i was able i would love them had 6 cats now 3 and thats itas very hard as we go camping and get upset leaving them

ae86guy, May 31, 6:10am
they are gorgeous, I hope they all find homes

honest-reliable, May 31, 6:14am
Try in the Pets column someone there may be interested or post a note at your nearest Supermarket noticeboard

lankylass, May 31, 6:33am
Don't just give them away to anybody; you will never know how they are treated But do ask at Cats Protection League because they always vet a home before they give the cat to them. And at least you will know they will go to homes that really want them and aren't just having them because they are free.

gypsy271, Jun 1, 10:08am
Too many people have dumped their cats when it gets too hard it absolutely gets to me. I've ended up with 15 beautiful cats that were simply left to die. one would hope these 3 find a forever home.

jonners2013, Jun 2, 1:19am
Back in the day in Australia there used to be advertisements saying "a pet is for life, not just for Christmas". Then they upped the anti and started flat out asking people not to give pets as gifts.

fineo, Jul 25, 2:34pm
All cats have now found a new home.
Thanks to all.

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