I have some Boys clothing to give away

nzkea1, May 5, 3:46am
I have the following clothing to give away, 2 Hoody's, 2 pairs of Pyjamas and a pair of Piping Hot trousers - size 10 - 12 yrs, all in ok condition.

firebirds, May 5, 3:57am
would be perfect for my grandson how can I get hold of you

nzkea1, May 5, 6:24am
HI firebirds you can contact me via one of my listings, Karyn

firebirds, May 5, 9:00am
thank you:)

firebirds, May 5, 9:57pm
if I put contact details on one of your listings isn't that against TM rules. don't want to get either of us in bother

nzkea1, May 6, 2:20am
I have decided not to pop my contact details on TradeMe, have done before but a little too risky, anyway I will pop a $1.00 Buy Now on, good luck who get's to select the Buy Now first.

craftylady1, May 6, 5:25am
Probably sold

nzkea1, May 6, 6:17am
HI chchgurl24 - yes sorry they have gone you never know at some stage I may have more to give away or sell for $1.00. I made up 10 gifts at Christmas time for "needy people" and had such pleasure in doing so. From time to time I just love paying it forward :O) x

babyluthi, Dec 1, 4:10pm
Women's Refuge always need good (not rags) children's clothes.

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