Dallington/Gayhurst Road Bridge

flattyre, Aug 7, 9:15am
Is it open yet? If not does anyone know when it is due to open. Thanks

kids4ever, Aug 7, 9:38am
not open yet, don't know when it will, looks to me, they still have a hell of a drop one side, don't know what they are doing, will go tommorrow and have a sneaky peep and do some asking and put in on tommorrow what i get told

kasha10, Aug 7, 9:38am

stojo, Aug 7, 9:51am
just a few more days eh. Do they have still have the temporary bridge there for foot and cycle traffic?

grad111, Aug 7, 9:51am
next friday 14th august 2015

kids4ever, Aug 7, 10:02am
Brilliant, thanks for that

flattyre, Aug 7, 10:08am
Great news, thanks everyone.

kiwi_gem, Aug 7, 11:02pm
That is great news.

nicsta4, Aug 9, 6:00am
Well done all involved keep up the good work

kids4ever, Aug 9, 6:59am
my hubby and I went and had a look yesterday, gosh it looks great

voxal, Aug 14, 6:17am
What a slap in the face for us locals still surrounded by the red zone.
A big opening ceremony on Friday morning for the Government Officials and Local Councilors to pat themselves on the back.and get their photos
Why didnt they have a community event on Saturday so the working locals could attend and enjoy a happy and positive event.
After all its we locals who have borne the hardship over the last 4 years.

bella95, Aug 14, 10:12am
Me too. Gutted it's on Friday. Would have loved to celebrate but can't take a day off work.

kids4ever, Aug 15, 4:37am
just drove over the new Bridge, very well done, didn't like the cycle lanes coming into footpaths so do walkers have to give way to them, wasn't impressed with that bit, but great its open now, lot of work put into it.

crash01, Aug 24, 3:34pm
we went over it today very nice and so great to have it open thanks to the workers

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