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any recommendations to re roof a concrete tile roof with colour steel?

andrac63, Aug 2, 9:16 am

roof restorations in sydenham. fevah roofing.

mmchch, Aug 6, 6:47 pm

Paramount Roofing. Guy by the name of Shaun - fantastic service, thoroughly recommend. Would never trade with any other company again. Top job! Phone 0276362231

vicky239, Aug 6, 7:08 pm

thank you

andrac63, Aug 6, 8:14 pm

Avoid roof restorations, fevah roofing (same company), I had a tile roof recoated, then it leaked, I had to do my own investigations, had to have the roof redone again by another company. Not impressed by after sales attitude.

gakbarr, Oct 1, 4:42 am

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