Eating out with young kids

I have to organise somewhere to go for a 70th birthday where the group will have young grandchildren around 3 to 5 years old and older folk up to around 70. Appreciate any suggestions Thanks

bugsy23, Jun 2, 2:48 pm

oldies love seqouia 88 not bad for young children as they have bigger choice they can pick what they want

jkp58, Jun 2, 3:41 pm

La Porchetta has a big variety of pizza, pasta and 'proper' meals. Has a small children's play area too (the one on Cranford Street - not sure of the others). If you asked to be seated near it, you can keep an eye on the littlies.

saskianz, Jun 2, 3:45 pm

gosh we don't, lol

kids4ever, Jun 2, 4:10 pm

, a good choice, we like Cranford st and good variety of food

kids4ever, Jun 2, 4:11 pm

One good horse in parklands is great

macboy2, Jun 2, 5:17 pm

just spent 4 days in your lovely city, 14 of us, 4 children under 6. WE went to Caesars Family Restaurant, and the staff were great. set the table at the end for the kids with goodies, and they had a great playroom.

korbo, Jun 3, 10:23 pm

bugsy23 feed them before you go, then let them eat cake with a drink

annie51, Jul 14, 2:21 am

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