Ketogenic diet

lorischch, Aug 11, 2:32am
Does anyone know of a ChCh GP who is open to this?

samanya, Aug 11, 8:58am
Ask in the appropriate forum . Health & Beauty, perhaps?

astrophe, Aug 12, 8:34am
If you've found that in general, most GP's are not open to it, have you opened your own mind as to why?

trogedon, Aug 12, 8:54am
Hopefully most GPs have looked in to this an found it wanting. as the bad idea it is.

schnauzer11, Aug 12, 9:58am
Not a diet that will leave your body in a good state.We need to eat, every day. If you want to maximise the days you have left, look into eating well, not a ketogenic "diet".

lorischch, Aug 12, 10:43pm
Ignorance is alive and well in Chch I see.

tygertung, Aug 13, 6:10am
According to these articles, it is very beneficial for people suffering from epilepsy and diabetes. It can be good for losing weight if you are overweight as the majority of the country is. I lost about 20 kilograms from going on a low carbohydrate diet and using my bicycle to get to work. Cholesterol and blood sugar levels are excellent. Mainly eat fruit vegetables, meat, fish and milk cheese etc. I eat porridge for breakfast in the winter but mix the oats with a lot of dried coconut, linseed, nuts, seeds etc. Avoid eating breads, rice etc. Don't eat any sugar.

dk002, Aug 23, 2:06pm
do you need a doctor to be on a ketogenic diet? diabetes etc? i am doing very well on one and no it doesn't kill you haha they are short term diets anyhow

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