Help with christchurch night life please, Aug 23, 6:51am
So I just dont do the clubs but my sister is coming up and wants to go out so where are the good spots now days and is there anything cool on tonight

francesca11, Aug 23, 7:57am
Tequila Mockingbird is a cool wee bar on Victoria St - went there a couple of weekends ago and enjoyed it, live music. We also played some pool at Rockpool, which was very relaxed and casual. I used to love Smash Palace but haven't been there now that it's moved to High Street. I hear great things about Baretta on St Asaph St, but haven't been yet. The Last Word is a cool little whiskey bar in New Regent Street - reminded me of my student days, lots of dark corners, candles in jars etc, I'll be back.

francesca11, Jul 17, 3:09pm
If you want somewhere to dance, go to Mashina, under the casino. Big dancefloor, usually a good vibe.

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