Empty Egg Tray or Cartons

shazza34, Jul 18, 9:17am
Does anyone work in a bakery or similar who may have empty egg cartons that they no longer need. I am after approx 100 -200 for a project, If anyone can help please let me know. Thanks

melvedere, Jul 18, 10:15am
I have egg trays that hold 30 each, approximately 50 of them. Would they be of any use to you?

shazza34, Jul 18, 10:22am
Trays are perfect what part of town are you in melvedere?

melvedere, Jul 18, 10:23am
That is the issue, I am in Wellington, I would have to check on shipping.
I can dig them out tomorrow and see how much it would be.

kiwiguy100, Jul 18, 9:53pm
Plenty of recycled egg trays for sale at the Ecoshop in Blenheim Rd.

shazza34, Dec 10, 1:14pm
Melvedere if you could let me know re shipping we can work out if its worth it. Thanks kiwiguy100 will check out ecoshop next weekend.

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