Tv1 and 2 not transmitting?

granny98, Jun 19, 7:32am
On screen just says "service not running".

All cables ok in the home and tv3 and others ok.

zaowl, Jun 19, 7:51am
One & two ok here in Sydenham using UHF aerial but it is inside as house doesn't have one on the roof. Are you UHF or Satellite?

granny98, Jun 19, 7:54am
We're on satellite. I'm getting channel 3 prime maori channels, but even tv 1 + 1 & tv2 +1 not working

granny98, Jun 19, 8:00am
My bad, I'm on uhf.

zaowl, Jun 19, 8:07am
This is going to sound stupid but it's a genuine suggestion, try turning it off and on again. What brand TV?

farminglad, Jun 19, 8:42am
Maybe its just the snow , i have lost all channels

endlesswardrobe, Jun 19, 8:56am
I'm in Ashburton, we lost all channels on both our TV's, one TV runs off the satellite dish and the other runs off the UHF aerial. This happened around 4ish and still no service on either. We thought the snow was the cause too, but it's all gone now and has been raining for a few hours.

granny98, Jun 19, 9:24am
I have turned tv on & off, unplugged & replugged it back in. its only tv1 & tv2 that are coming up as service not available. I've checked with neighbours & their tvs are working good, & there is no snow here in ChCh & its not raining either

zaowl, Jun 19, 10:37am
What make and model tv?

guitarmansolo, Jun 20, 8:50am
I am in South Canterbury on freeview and we lost all channels about an hour ago

jessebird, Jun 20, 10:17am
Mines fine.

gymee1, Jun 21, 8:58am
I have a Sommett freeview receiver and periodically I have the same problem and to fix I have to rescan the channels which fixes the problem.

treecave, Apr 24, 3:26pm
bring back analogue tv. digital is just a pain in the ar$e

think its a layer of ice on the dish. happened to mine to. got the snow off the dish and still no reception so brushed it with a broom and it came on in a few seconds.

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